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Chiropractic Safety...

If you listen to gossip, you may have heard someone say something to the effect of:

"My hairdresser's brother's best friend's grandfather got cracked by a chiropractor and he had a stroke..."

There is a lot of unsubstantial bad press about cervical chiropractic manipulation and the incidence of strokes.

There are individuals who are at a higher risk for stroke, or other injuries, and most doctors of chiropractic take precautions with those individuals, so as not to cause any harm to their patients.

There is much documentation regarding the safety of chiropractic. Rather than list article after article about chiropractic safety, I have listed several links about this subject. If you have any concerns about chiropractic safety, please thoroughly read the information. If you still have some concerns, please feel free to contact me, and I will discuss the matter with you.

-Benjamin Smith, D.C.