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subluxationMore on Subluxations...

The word “subluxation” comes from the Latin words meaning “to dislocate” (luxate) and “somewhat or slightly” (sub). 

 In other words, a subluxation means a slight dislocation (misalignment) or biomechanical malfunctioning of the vertebrae (bones of the spine). 

These disturbances may irritate nerve roots and blood vessels which branch off from the spinal cord between each of the vertebrae.  This irritation may cause pain and dysfunction in muscle, lymphatic, and organ tissue as well imbalance in the normal body processes.


Subluxation Degeneration (Osteoarthritis)

Osteoarthritis is a condition where the joints of the body begin to degenerate and deteriorate due to chronic repetitive and long-term use. 

This degeneration includes the breakdown of cartilage (including the intervetrebral disc) and soft tissues in joints and the accumulation of bone on existing bone (bone spurs) around the joint.  Osteoarthritis develops over time and usually takes years to develop.

subluxation degenerationWhen subluxations are present in the spine, this degenerative process occurs at a much faster rate than a spine that is properly aligned.  The longer these subluxations are present, more and more damage occurs.

Subluxations, alone, can irritate the nerves, but notice how the narrowed discs on the right also cause the holes that the nerves come out of to become smaller. 

This will cause even further irritation to the nerves.

Bone spurs can also grow back towards the spinal cord and nerve roots and put dangerous pressure on them.  This is known as spinal stenosis.

Chiropractic adjustments restore the proper alignment of the spine.  When the spine is in its proper alignment, the nerves remain healthy and degeneration occurs very, very slowly.